Beyond categorical font catalog

The idea is to have a central reference of fonts that mention specifically what is unique, what features it has, what type of design style it will fit into, and all other detail things about the font.

Fontsss started as my personal database of fonts I had to put whether in Notes, Figma or any other scattered places. Every weekend I have this habit to browse through some of font sites just to look around.

I put a note on non-technical information, more to design styles and feels, but I still put all the fonts into two big groups. First is Property which is contains all the given technical side and the second is Attribute which the quality side, means our perceives and feels of the font.

That is the reason I make this as a website where other can also be benefited from it. If you have suggestions, please send your suggestion by tweet me @rizalrenaldi

Rizal / SignalSupply